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What is TPG 4G Voice App?

TPG 4G Voice app enables your non-VoLTE device to make and receive regular calls on your TPG mobile number regardless if you are in Singapore or overseas. If you have a handset compatible with our VoLTE network, you do not need to use this app.



Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I download TPG 4G Voice app?

TPG 4G Voice app is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


2. What if my device does not have an App Store or Google App Store? 


3. Why do I need to disable the battery optimization for the android handset?

This step is to ensure that Android OS does not actively stop the 4G Voice App from running in the background.

  • Oppo handsets: Setting > Battery > Disable: Intelligent Power Saver > Custom Power Saver > TPG 4G Voice > Select: Run in background
  • Samsung handsets: Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > Background usage limits > Never sleeping apps > Add: TPG 4G Voice

  • Vivo handsets: Setting > Battery > High background power consumption > Enable: TPG 4G Voice

  • Huawei handsets: Settings > Battery > App Launch > Disable: manage automatically and Enable: Auto-launch, Secondary launch and Run in background

  • Google handsets: Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery > set to OFF


4. How is TPG 4G Voice different from other calling apps?

Regular calling apps usually only allow app-to-app calling. With TPG 4G Voice, regardless if you are in Singapore or overseas, you can make and receive calls on your TPG mobile number like it is part of your normal mobile handset operation. 


5. Can I receive calls from any number on TPG 4G Voice?

You can receive calls from any mobile or landline number, including numbers from other telecommunication providers and overseas.


6. Are there any charges for calling over TPG 4G Voice?

Usage of TPG 4G Voice is based on TPG’s mobile plans entitlements, which includes free incoming calls and 300 minutes outgoing local calls. Calls to international numbers are available with more information here


7. Can I use TPG 4G Voice on any data network?

After initial application registration with a TPG SIM card, TPG 4G voice works on any data network.


8. Can I use TPG 4G Voice on multiple devices using the same TPG SIM card?

TPG 4G Voice can only be successfully registered and activated on one device at any one time. During the registration process, an SMS OTP will be sent to your TPG mobile number which you had inserted into your device.


9. During overseas roaming, am I able to make or receive calls over the TPG 4G Voice?

TPG 4G Voice supports making and receiving calls while roaming in all supported destinations.