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What is TPG SG App?

TPG SG App is a free mobile application to manage your profile, check your mobile usage, renew your plan and recharge your Account Balance.



Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I download TPG SG App?

TPG SG app is available for download on Google Play and Apple Store.


2. How to navigate through the TPG SG App?

For a step-by-step guide on how to navigate through the app, watch the video here.


3. How can I log in to use TPG SG App?

To view your individual TPG service information, you can log in via one-time password (OTP) using your TPG mobile number. 


4. Who can view My Account functions on TPG SG App? 

This is only applicable for existing 50GB SIM Only Plan, 80GB SIM Only Plan, or Seniors Plan customers.

For existing 50GB Prepaid Plan customers, you cannot view My Account functions on TPG SG App. If you wish to view your mobile usages, please go to through your mobile phone.


5. What can I view on My Dashboard? 

My Dashboard will show a summary of all your mobile usages used for the mobile plan that you have subscribed to with TPG. It will also show your remaining credits left in your Account Balance. You can also recharge your Account Balance or renew your plan (when required) from My Dashboard.


6. Can I update the information in my Profile?

You can only update your email address in your profile. If you wish to update your name or contact number, please contact for assistance.


7. What is the 'Billing' function?

You can do an Account Balance recharge or view your past and current billing payments for your mobile plan.


8. What is the 'Inbox' function?

'Inbox' will show all your latest notifications, including SMS, and emails that TPG has sent you. Examples of notifications that TPG will send include: 

  • Successful payment
  • Payment failures
  • Request for a password reset
  • Confirmation of recharge of the Account Balance


9. What is the 'Usage' function?

'Usage' will show your mobile usage, including data, SMS, and call minutes.