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1. What is TPG 50GB SIM Only Mobile plan?

Our TPG SIM only Mobile plan allows you to use your existing mobile phone on our mobile network. To get started, simply sign up online and then we will send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to pick up your TPG SIM card.

Unlike most providers, we don’t lock you into 12 or 24-month plans. Our plan has no lock-in contract which gives you more flexibility.


2. How much is the TPG 50GB SIM Only Mobile Plan?

Our TPG 50GB SIM only mobile plan is priced at $10 for 30 days. Activation is free.


3. Does TPG allow rollover data, calls and SMS?

No, there is no rollover data, calls and SMS to the following month.

4. Are international calls and SMS supported for the TPG 50GB SIM Only Mobile Plan?

You can enjoy incoming international calls and SMS for free. Outgoing international calls are available from $0.01 per 30 seconds, while outgoing international SMSs are available at $0.10 per SMS. Please refer to our International Call Rates and International SMS Rates for details.  


5. Can I port-in my existing Postpaid mobile number to TPG?

Yes! You can sign up for our '50GB SIM Only Plan' and port-in your existing Postpaid mobile number to TPG. Please ensure that your personal details which you register with TPG match those of your previous provider in order to port-in successfully. For more information on how to port your mobile number to TPG, click here.


6. What are the eligibility requirements for the Plan?

For regulatory purposes, we will ask you to upload a proof of identification. You will need to bring the original ID which was uploaded during registration when you pick up the SIM card from our pick up location. We cannot accept ID documents in photocopy and digital formats.


Type ID Type Validity
SG Citizen / PR NRIC N/A
11B N/A
NRIC Replacement Slip + a Photo ID N/A
Singapore Passport N/A
New SG Citizen / PR NRIC Collection Slip + a Photo ID N/A
Foreign Workers Work Permit Not less than six months
Employment Pass Not less than six months
Personalised Employment Pass Not less than six months
Diplomatic Pass Not less than six months
S Pass Not less than six months
Foreign Visitors Long Term Visit Pass Not less than six months
Dependent Pass Not less than six months
Foreign Students Student Pass Not less than six months


7. Can someone else pick up the SIM card on my behalf?

Yes, you can authorise a proxy to pick up your SIM card on your behalf. Please complete and sign this authorisation form. Your proxy must bring this form together with their original NRIC and your original NRIC when picking up the SIM card.


8. How do I activate my SIM Card?

Your TPG SIM card will be activated automatically when you pick it up from one of our pick up locations.


9. How am I billed for my mobile service?

Recurring charges will be billed 4 days before the end of the 30 days cycle. You can view your monthly invoice in My Account. Payment options are Visa or Mastercard only. If there is no valid credit or debit card stored in My Account, your service will be suspended.


10. Can I use the service for anything else other than what’s included in the plan?

You can only use the service for usage types that are included as part of the plan. Any other usage types such as MMS are not supported. If you wish to go beyond your plan’s inclusion such as excess data, calls and SMS, you can access and top up your TPG Account Balance by logging in to My Account. Charges of extra minutes and SMS that will be deducted from the TPG Account Balance are as follows:


  • Local data above 50GB included in the plan at $1 per GB.  
  • Calls to local fixed lines above the 300 minutes included in plan at $0.02 per minute and billed at 30 seconds increments.
  • SMS to local mobiles above the 30 SMS included in plan at $0.05 per SMS

The rates listed above are subjected to changes. Top-ups are not refundable.


11. Is there any throttling of speeds to the TPG 50GB SIM Only Plan?

There is no throttling of speeds for the TPG 50GB SIM Only Plan. If you exhaust the 50GB of included data before the 30 days have ended, you can top up your TPG Account Balance on My Account to continue using data at excess data charges of $1 per GB.


12. How do I check my usage?

You can also track your TPG Mobile usage by logging into My Account.


13. Can I use my TPG mobile overseas? (International Roaming)

You can enjoy free 1GB of high speed data roaming in the following countries: India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Excess roaming beyond the first 1GB will be charged at $3 per GB for these countries. For more info on TPG roaming services, click here.


14. I lost my phone and/or my SIM card

If you lose your phone or your SIM card, please let us know as soon as possible via email at We'll confirm your replacement SIM Card order, then you can pick up your replacement SIM card from our distribution centre at Orchard Central. A $5 SIM replacement fee will be charged.


15. I am still on the service trial plan and the plan has not expired. Will the free trial period still be fulfilled?

Yes, we will fulfil the free trial period that you are currently in. We will send you an email 1 month before your plan expiry date to respond to us if you are interested in migrating to the TPG 50GB SIM Only Plan.  


16. What happens if my free service trial plan has already expired?

For customers whose service trial plan have already expired, we have sent an email to you with instructions on how to renew the plan with us.