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  • In order to register, purchase and activate the Prepaid Plan, you need to be 16 years old and above.
  • Each ID document is allowed to register up to 3 Prepaid SIM Cards across all service providers as mandated by the authorities.


Minimum Term

  • Valid for 30 days. Customers are permitted to terminate the Service at any time.
  • All payments made are non-refundable.
  • You can renew the plan if you have exhausted all the data or after 30 days.


Excluded Usage

You can only use the service for usage types that are included as part of the plan. Any other usage types such as MMS are not supported. If you wish to go beyond your plan’s inclusion such as excess calls and SMS, you can access and top up your TPG Account Balance by logging in to Charges of extra minutes and SMS that will be deducted from the TPG Account Balance are as follows:

  • Roaming data above 1GB included in the plan at $3 per GB. 
  • Calls to local lines above the 300 minutes included in the plan at $0.01 per 30 seconds block.
  • SMS to local mobiles above the 30 SMS included in the plan at $0.05 per SMS

The rates listed above are subjected to changes. Top-ups are not refundable.


Mandatory Goods

  • It is not a requirement of TPG Mobile Services that customers acquire handsets or other equipment from TPG.
  • However, you must have a compatible mobile handset to be able to use this service.


Fair Use Policy

All TPG mobile plans are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes or in a manner that may adversely affect the mobile network.

  • In particular, the services may not be used for wholesaling, reselling, SIM boxing or any other commercial purposes.
  • If TPG reasonably believes that you are using the service for commercial purposes in breach of this clause, or in a manner that may adversely affect the mobile network, TPG may immediately suspend the mobile service and may provide 24 hours’ notice of termination of the mobile service.



  • Customers can enjoy full unthrottled 4G speeds when they use a 4G-ready smartphone/device supporting LTE Band 40 - 2300MHz and/or Band 8 - 900MHz. TPG supports Carrier Aggregation which will result in improved network speeds.
  • When customers are not within a TPG coverage area or their handset or device is not 4G-ready (with LTE 2300MHz/900MHz support), the TPG mobile service cannot be used.
  • When inside the coverage areas, actual speeds vary due to factors such as location, distance from the base station, local terrain, user numbers, hardware & software configuration and download source/ upload destination.
  • Currently, TPG has limited coverage in tunnels but improvements are ongoing. For the latest coverage updates, click here.


Voice and Public Emergency Calling

Making and receiving mobile voice calls require a VoLTE supported device. Please note that:

  • The TPG network supports specific VoLTE devices for mobile voice calling. An updated list can be found at
  • For other 4G smartphones, you can download and use the TPG 4G Voice app for voice calls otherwise you will not be able to make and receive calls including calls to emergency services.