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1. What is TPG 50GB Prepaid Plan?

Our TPG 50GB Prepaid Plan is a 30-day prepaid 4G mobile service, which allows you to use your existing mobile phone on our mobile network. The plan is priced at $10 per 30 days. Activation is free. The plan comes with 50GB of data at 4G speeds. The plan also comes with 300 Local Call Minutes, 30 Local SMS, free Incoming Calls and Caller ID, as well as free 1GB of high-speed data roaming in the following countries: India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. For more details on roaming services, click here.

To get started, simply head down to our selected TPG outlets to purchase our TPG 50GB Prepaid SIM Card.


2.What are the eligibility requirements for the Plan?

In order to purchase and activate TPG 50GB Prepaid Plan, you need to be 16 years old and above before you register the Prepaid SIM Card.

Each ID document is allowed to register up to 3 Prepaid SIM cards across all service providers as mandated by the authorities.

The following identification are necessary for registration:

  • Singaporeans: Pink NRIC identity cards or Singapore Passports
  • Singapore Permanent Residents: Blue identity cards or Passports
  • National Servicemen: SAF11B, SPF11B and SCDF11B
  • Foreign Workers/Expatriates: Passports, Work Permit Identification Cards (issued from 3 May 1999), S Pass, Employment Pass and Personalized Employment Pass
  • Foreign Visitors: Passports, Dependant’s Pass, Long Term Pass or Student’s Pass
  • Any other documentation as may be required by TPG


3. Can someone else pick up the SIM card on my behalf?

No, you have to purchase personally from our selected TPG outlets with your personal ID document.

4. How do I activate my SIM Card?

Your TPG SIM Card will be activated automatically when you purchase the SIM Card.

5. Does TPG allow rollover data, calls and SMS?

No, there is no rollover data, calls and SMS to the following month.


6. Are international calls and SMS supported for the TPG 50GB SIM Prepaid Plan?

Outgoing international calls and SMS are currently not supported for TPG 50GB Prepaid Plan. Incoming international calls and SMS are free.


7.How do I monitor my TPG 50GB Prepaid Plan usage?

You may monitor your usage and renew your plan through https://www.tpgmobile/preaccount. Please access the link through your smartphone with your TPG prepaid SIM card slotted inAn SMS notification will be sent to you 3 days before expiry date or when your data usage is fully utilised.


8. Can I top up my TPG 50GB Prepaid Plan for additional call minutes or SMS before 30 days expiry?

You can renew your 50GB Prepaid Plan for another 30 days at just $10 at Day 30 or when you have fully utilised your 50GB data.


9. What are the modes of payment?

To activate a new TPG Prepaid SIM card, you can pay by cash or NETS QR. For subsequent payments of your Prepaid SIM Plan, you can repurchase the TPG plan with VISA and Mastercard payment through https://www.tpgmobile/preaccount. 


10. What happens if I did not renew my Prepaid Plan upon expiry?

You have 30 days grace period to renew your Prepaid plan before we terminate the expired plan. During this grace period, you will continue to receive incoming calls and SMS. All data usage, outgoing calls and SMS will be blocked.


11.Can I port-in my existing Prepaid Mobile number to TPG?

Yes! You can sign up for TPG 50GB Prepaid plan and port-in your existing Prepaid mobile number to TPG, as long as the total number of Prepaid SIM Cards registered with your ID document is within the limit mandated by the authorities. Please ensure that your personal details which you register with TPG match those of your previous provider in order to port-in successfully. To do a port-in, bring along the following supporting documents with you when you head down to TPG outlet at Orchard Central to purchase your Prepaid SIM:

  • Your current existing Prepaid Mobile Number from another telco service provider
  • Your original ID document


12. I lost my phone and/or my SIM card

If you lose your phone or your SIM card, you can pick up your replacement SIM card with your original ID from our selected TPG outlets. A $5 SIM replacement fee will be charged.