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How do I enjoy free roaming services?

Roaming service is now available in Malaysia and Indonesia as part of TPG free service trial. You will need to:

  1. Ensure your TPG SIM card is active for at least 24 hours while in Singapore before your trip to allow your SIM to be automatically updated with the latest parameters.
  2. Enable Data Roaming when you are in one of our free trial roaming destinations. 
  3. Set the Network Selection in your mobile device to 'Automatic'. Alternatively, you may manually select YTL/ YES 4G in Malaysia or Smartfren in Indonesia. 
  4. Ensure your mobile device is configured with TPG APN Settings.

The list of devices supported on YTL / YES 4G network can be found here. For Smartfren, the list can be found here.   

What is included in the roaming plan?

You can enjoy free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia at 1mbps. If you are using a TPG VoLTE supported mobile device, you will be able to make and receive calls to Singapore mobile and fixed lines from your existing service trial plan and all incoming SMS will be free. 

Are outgoing calls to Malaysian/Indonesian mobile and fixed lines supported?

Roaming calls to Malaysia and Indonesia mobile and fixed lines will be available in the near future.

What are the charges if I have exceeded my plan limits?

If you have exceeded the usage, the usage type will be barred for the remainder of the monthly billing period except for Data. 

Will you be extending unlimited data roaming to other countries?

Yes! We will be launching more exciting roaming products. Do keep a lookout on this page for the latest update.